My name is Jason Jamar, on September 20, 1999 I embarked on a two and a half year journey. A trek on foot nearly 4,000 miles from San Diego, CA to St. Stephen New Brunswick, Canada. Then just as many miles via a kayak from Freeport, ME to Marble Falls, TX. The adventure was a sojourn into self-discovery and an opportunity to learn firsthand about the nation that I had served as a United States Marine.

Over the years I have been repeatedly asked to write a book about my travels. Beginning September 20, 2014 I will begin blogging the trip as it happen 15 years ago, with old journal entries and anecdotes in an effort to organize a book about my expeditions. I will share the adventures, close calls, stories of amazing people I met along the way, and the indomitable American spirit.

Photo Credit: Tina Shute, The Republican Journal  – Belfast, Maine (photo taken Dec. 2000)

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    • Hopefully, I will have better grammar and spelling this time. I will not be quickly typing it all in my tent at night, balancing battery power and my need for rest. Thanks.

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